Confessions of a Charismatic Christian

Confessions of a Charismatic Christian

The Charismatic Movement came and went. Rick Dewhurst experienced most of it, dating back to 1980. From John Wimber’s Vineyard Church in Anaheim, to the Kansas City prophets, to Rick Joyner’s MorningStar Ministries, to the Toronto  Blessing, he was there to see it all. This is his memoir, focusing on the spiritual highlights of his 40-year journey.

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The Dregs of Aquarius

Fresh, insightful, and often hilarious, The Dregs of Aquarius is a counter-culture Catcher in the Rye that delves into the coming-of-age challenges common to every generation. For anyone who didn't experience the hippie era first-hand, or for baby boomers who can't remember much about the whole scene and might want a refresher, The Dregs of Aquarius is the perfect trip.  

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The Darkest Valley

In the Cowichan Valley on beautiful Vancouver Island, a pastor's wife with a deep secret is dying of cancer, his young aboriginal convert is in danger of being grabbed and initiated into Longhouse spirit dancing rituals, and his congregation is throwing him to the wolves. In desperation, he attempts to recruit a local newspaper editor to publish the truth about the Longhouse. Along the way truth is put to the test, and when his wife's secret is revealed, so is their faith.


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The Good Book Club

Scheming to inherit the powerful pulpit of a mega-church, a pastor hires P.I. Jane Sunday to verify suspicions his father-in-law, the senior pastor, is having an affair. The case turns uglier when one dead pastor is found floating naked in his swimming pool, and Jane is hired by his widow to hunt the killer. Hot on the murder trail Jane is herself pursued by dreamboat lawyer Bertrand, but lasting memories of her abusive father inhibit the budding relationship, especially when questions of his credibility arise. Who killed the pastor? Is Bertrand true-blue? A solid jolt of crime fiction, The Good Book Club takes the reader on an exhilarating ride with its authentic characters, intense action, and solid story line, a ride that is guaranteed to compel lovers of the genre to hold on tight to the emotional roller-coaster until the very end.

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My Fear Lady - A Joe LaFlam  Mystery

Christian gumshoe Joe LaFlam is wallowing in an existential crisis when the stunning Sissy Smith slinks into his office with a plea for help. Her man Jake Dano has been lured away by another woman and led into the bowels of Spelunkers Global, a secret society bent on world domination. Joe is eager to take the case, knowing that exposing the scum will solidify his professional reputation and reinforce his earthly purpose. He goes undercover underground, where, entrenched as one of them, earthly temptations abound. My Fear Lady, with its intricate plot and insightful humor, is a unique addition to the detective genre, offering readers an absorbing glimpse into the heart of a committed Christian detective.

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Bye Bye Bertie - A Joe LaFlam Mystery

Bye Bye Bertie is the story of P.I. Joe LaFlam's struggle to be free from the fear of dying destitute and alone in an alley, under cardboard, just another discard of a world gone bad. His fear is magnified by doubts about his chosen profession. He has long sought to be a successful detective, but he has been thwarted by his incompetence and haunted by his insecurity. Bachelor LaFlam equates marriage with bliss and a successful career with bread on his future family's table. To be free once and for all, Joe vows to look death in the face by undertaking a desperate 21-day fast to twist God's arm to help him solve a prominent kidnapping case, make some good money, and get the girl, any girl. With God's help Joe figures the odds are now good that he won't end up dead and alone in some big-city alley under cardboard or newspapers or something bad like that. Bye Bye Bertie is a compelling telling of how the fear of living and dying badly sometimes can be relieved somehow in mysterious ways.


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