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A Bad Case of Satire

Find my revealing author interview now on The Satirist, America's Most Critical Journal:

Satire is my problem. I've got a bad case of "satire." I've tried the cures. I've tried to write “nice”; I’ve tried historical romance, but that made the craving worse. I’ve even tried Amish. Sure, I succeed for a while, but then the urge returns, and when it does the hunger comes back stronger than ever. My condition is chronic. And sure, I go about my daily life like most people. I’m well liked. I mingle well. But I’m in disguise. No one would suspect that I’m in the grips of “satire.” It’s usually late at night when the craving comes upon me, when I start to write. I’ve tried to get clean, with straightforward prose, no poking around at things, but if even a hint of a twisted thought sneaks into my mind about the state of the Church or the world, or about any number of other things, I feel that crooked smile tiptoe onto my face, and off I go again for a fix.

Ironically, there is no Internet Satirists Anonymous Site. I’m alone. But if there are others like me out there, who recognize their affliction and want to be free, I ask you to reveal yourselves now, as I am doing. We need to come out of the genre.

Join me in this cry for help.

And join me in being thankful there’s no category in Christian Fiction competitions for humor/satire. It shouldn’t be encouraged. The gatekeepers of traditional Christian publishing must know in their wisdom that if humor and satire were allowed to exist as a category alongside the other categories there would be a grave danger of the satire sickness spreading. What if Christians at large began to discover we’re all pretty funny? What a scream that would be. Can you imagine us all dying of laughter?

As for me, I’m happy that the majority of people, Christians in particular, don’t laugh when they read my stories, that they “don’t get it.” I need to be delivered from my affliction not celebrated as a national treasure.

For your information and as a WARNING, here is my AUTHOR SITE at Amazon, and whatever you do, please help me in my desperate search for a cure by NOT going there and buying any of my books, such as The Good Book Club, A Jane Sunday Mystery, and the Joe LaFlam mysteries Bye Bye Bertie and My Fear Lady.

Thank you, so much.

Although, you might want to try The Dregs of Aquarius.

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